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Using the latest cleaning equipment we provide our professional exterior cleaning service to a wide range of clients, including but not limited to: Homes, Cafes, Restaurants, Wineries, Golf Courses, Hotels, Motels, Retirement Villages, Hospitals, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Shops, Shopping Complexes & Parking Facilities.

Whether you're looking to freshen up around the home, add some street appeal prior to selling or provide a safer workplace for your employees then we can assist. 

We can clean a wide range of exterior surfaces which will not only improve the surface visually, but also assist where potential health and safety issues may occur. Build up from things such as dirt, grime, mould, lichen, algae, fungus, tree tannins, bird droppings, greases and oils should be removed as the longer they are left on the surface the more damage they can cause. They can also create a dangerous slip hazard under foot to yourself, friends, family, general public, employees or even tenants. 




What can we clean?

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We assist our clients in getting the results they want to achieve when it comes to exterior cleaning. Find below some examples of the areas that we can clean:

  • Houses

  • Driveways

  • Pathways

  • Patios

  • Pool Areas

  • Windows

  • Glass Balustrading

  • Solar Panels 

  • Shade Sails

  • Sports Hard Courts

  • Cafe / Dining Alfresco

  • Car Parks

  • Loading Bays

  • Factory Floors

  • Building Facades 

  • Fences

We also offer a soft washing service for those more delicate surfaces where high pressure cleaning can sometimes be too harsh. This service is widely used on exterior facades especially around the home when it comes to surfaces like render & painted weatherboards. We apply our pre-treatment which helps to lift and soften the contaminates and follow this with a low pressure rinse down all whilst retaining the structural integrity of the surface we are cleaning.



We believe in maintaining relationships with our clients.


Ongoing maintenance schedules


Quarterly, half yearly, yearly - Tailored

Once you've had your surfaces cleaned you will soon come to realise just how dirty they were and just how easy it was for us to come and do the cleaning for you.

That's right, you no longer have to waste your weekends.  

As well as providing a one off clean, we can tailor a maintenance schedule that is suitable to your individual needs, to ensure that your outdoor surfaces are kept clean all year round.